Having grown up in a multi-cultural and highly diverse background has made Marco a filmmaker barring no frontiers. Speaking and hearing multiple languages in the household was part of growing up, and so was living in different countries. Marco was born in Mexico, but raised in Uruguay and Brazil by an Italian dad and a French mom.

Geometry and visual aesthetics came easy to him. He has been capturing, editing, and seeing the world through a viewfinder since an early age. Today, visual storytelling has driven Marco to countless of regions in the world and has met people with vastly different background and perspectives on life. To him, a camera is vehicle that can help us to learn, change, explore, grow and interact with the world.

What has attracted Marco the most about filmmaking is that it combines multiple arts into one medium. The combination of image, sound, and music shape film to be one-of-a-kind artistic channel. It is a life long pursuit. Deeply passionate, Marco finds fulfillment through his work.


Marco Aslan