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Sebastián Boresztein is an Argentinean acclaimed screenwriter and director with vast experience. Graduated in Communication Sciences at the Universidad del Salvador and educated as an Actor´s Director at Augusto Fernandez´s school. He is in charge of the script and direction of almost all of his projects, and was a pioneer in making TV specials with a cinematographic touch.

His beginnings were as advertising creative; afterwards he worked as a screenwriter, producer, scriptwriter and director for his own father, Tato Bores, where he was awarded with national and international awards. After that, he created the terror miniseries “El Garante” (The Guarantor) for which he earned four Martin Fierro, Fund TV and Broad Casting Awards, he was finalist for the Emmy awards and the prestigious Argentores by the Argentinean Authors Association. In 2000, he was awarded the Konex award for being one of the best five directors of the decade. He created the acclaimed TV special suspense series in real time: “Tiempo Final” (Final Time), broadcasted in Argentina on Telefe, in 2000, 2001 y 2001. Its remake is currently produced and broadcasted by Fox Channel, and has also received a Finalist nomination for the Emmy Awards. In 2005, he focused his career on films and advertising cinema. His opera prima, “La Suerte Está Echada” (The die is cast,2005), led him to win several international awards. At the same time, he started filming advertising cinema, currently represented by the D´AVANT GARDE MEDIA company in Los Angeles, USA, for the Latin and American markets, and THE FAMILY company in Madrid for the European market.

In 2007, he established a creative partnership with Benjamin Odell, also partner with James McNamara, from the PANAMAX FILMS company, for the development of scripts and the direction of cinematographic projects. As a result of this partnership, the release of his second film “SIN MEMORIA” (NO MEMORIES) was released on 2011 in in Mexico, written with Benjamin Odell, and produced by Benjamin Odell and James McNamara for LIONGATE and TELEVISA. On 2011 was the release of his third feature film in Argentina UN CUENTO CHINO starring by Ricardo Darin and produced by PAMPA FILMS.


Sebastián Boresztein