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Lara was born and raised in Buenos Aires. At the age of 19 she found herself presenting videos and interviewing musicians in the well known channel, Muchmusic. Her career as VJ did not continue but her love for video and cinema did. She graduated as Image and Sound Designer from the University of Buenos Aires, the same institution in which she currently performs as a teacher.

Her profession was shaped in the classrooms, but also on film sets. For years she directed video clips and assembled video projections at recitals. She worked for artists such as Spinetta, Catupecu Machu, Bajo Fondo and Adicta amongst others. She designed visuals and video installations for Creamfields, Quilmes Rock, Personal Fest, Fashion Week, Yellow Lounge, etc.

As a director, she created several audiovisual pieces that competed in both national and international video and film festivals. In 2010 her short film “Mientras paseo en Cisne” won the prize for best Short Film in the 12th edition of the BAFICI Festival.

In 2008 she began directing advertising. Her work as director was awarded in both national and international festivals such as El Diente (Argentinian Creative Circle), El Sol (San Sebastián Festival), Wave (Rio de Janeiro Festival) and Lápiz de Oro. Her work “Madres Extraordinarias” for Bon o Bon was nominated for the Martin Fierro Awards in 2014.


Lara Arellano