Founder of La Fabrica Films, Joe has maintained his position as a respected director in Mexico, the US and Latin America, throughout his dynamic trajectory in the business.

Joe began his career in front of the camera with early aspirations of becoming an actor. Swayed by his curiosity of the moviemaking process, he dropped out of acting school in Mexico and moved to Los Angeles to pursue film. He acquired initial training behind the camera at the International Photographers Guild where he worked for most of the major Hollywood studios on various feature film projects and TV series.

After many years in Los Angeles and with thoughts of directing, Joe returned to Mexico to establish his own production company attracted to the 30-60 second commercial format.

Today, Joe is an expert in testimonials, cars, kids, and acting. With a sharp interest in post-production and visual effects (first developed while working on the Universal set of Battlestar Gallatica), he is well known for his ability to incorporate these elements with live action. As a result of that experience one of Joe’s specialties is his work in visual effects, however his range of projects is extensive and continues to evolve, from directing to producing.

In 2006 he produced his first feature film titled Los Pajarracos for the Mexican market; he is currently developing other projects for film and TV for the International Hispanic Market.


Joe Solis